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Oral Surgery
Cosmetic Dentistry
Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery includes tooth extraction, operation of tooth impaction, operation of jaw bone tumor, jaw bone surgery.

Q : Why do we have tooth impaction?

A : Impaction may be caused from the teeth embedded in jaw bone which has no enough tissue to grow on and the tooth bud is not in the right position or may be caused from having excessive natural teeth.

Q : Does tooth impaction need to have an operation?

A : Impaction should be treated by operation based on appropriate age of patients because every tooth has cyst surrounding while emerging .This can compare with infants surrounded by amniotic fluid in womb. The cyst will disappear when teeth emerge in oral cavity. In case teeth cannot emerge, such cyst will turn into both severe and non-severe tumor, especially in the last molar.

Dash and Howell reported that 37 % of the last molar in lower jaw bone and 15 %

of the last molar in upper jaw bone is likely to be tooth impaction. 10 % of Cyst surrounding the impaction is Dentigerous Cyst. Bernier reported that Dentigerous Cyst is likely to be Ameloblastoma(33 %) ; jaw bone tumor.