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What is a Root canal therapy?

... It is a delicate process of cleaning , medicating and filling the root canal of a tooth . In doing so, infected and dead nerve ( pulp ) tissue is replaced with and inert root filling to allow healing of existing wound and prevent future infection.

Why root canal therapy?

... Root canal therapy is frequently needed to eliminate the source of pain and infection in an aching tooth. Without proper treatment, the infection can spread down toward the surrounding jaw
bone surrounding the root tip, becoming acute dental abscess or facial swelling with severe pain. Frequently, other treatment alternative for such conditions is a tooth extraction which is easy to do but difficult to reverse. Surrounding teeth will loose function and slowly over-erupted add tip down into the empty extraction space.

... Other Conditons where root canal therapy may be required are retreatment of existing root fillings due to bacterial leakage or incomplete treatment. Occasionally, elective root canal therapy is needed to prevent complications or retain restoration. The clinical conditions should be discussed with you by your doctor before the treatment.


During the treatment, , there should be Pain-free, as profound local anaesthetic will be used. However supplemental anesthetic may be needed occasionally. So if you have experience
any pain or discomfort during the treatment, please let your doctor know.

After the first visit, your tooth could be slightly tender to biting and only mild pain can be expected for 2-3 days. Normal Pain-killer should be adequate for these conditions. On rare occasions (about 5 % Chance ), some non-vital teeth can cause severe pain and swelling after first root canal visit. If this occurs, please contact us as soon as possible for emergency treatment.

After the treatment, many root canal treated teeth needed to be crowned due to the severely damaged from dental decay, frequently just the shell of such teeth are left. Restoring a severely damaged tooth back to health may require a post-core before crowning the tooth. The treatment will restore the appearance and help prevent tooth fracturing during normal usage.