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.... Pedodontist is one of dentistry dealing with giving advice, curing and treating oral cavity health problem of children raging from new-borns to the age of 12.The main activities are tooth polishing with fluoride applying,Sealing pit and fissure to build resistance to decay,tooth filling, root canal treatment, crowning in case of severe decay,tooth extraction,tooth X-Ray,Using Space Maintainer or Space Regainer in case of extracting milk teeth earlier in order to stimulate the permanent teeth emerge properly,Bracing for minor tooth movement which may reduce degree of abnormality and make bracing process easier.

.... Dental treatment in childhood is very important in order to prevent potential problem and diagnose to find abnormality earlier ,to train children to take care of their teeth and to reduce the expenditure in the future treatment.

Q : When should we take children to see a dentist at first time?

A : Within six months after the first milk tooth emerged or not over 18 months of age.

Q : When is the right time to take children to receive fluoride application?

A : Since children begin to have milk teeth in their months.

Q : Should every child take supplementary fluoride? (Eating)

A : Fluoride can supplement tooth veneer but it should be in proper proportion. They should not buy it to eat for themselves because if they take overdose, it will result in Fluorosis, raging from tiny white spot to broken veneer and turning brown. Therefore, they should consult a dentist in order to have proper proportion of fluoride. Giving supplementary fluoride to build resistance to decay should take into consideration of the following issues.

1. Volume of fluoride children get from food ,milk and water.

2. Children’s age and weight.

Q : Do adults have to apply fluoride to their teeth?

A : A dentist will usually apply fluoride to children’s teeth until reaching the age of 16. As adults can take care of their teeth and get sufficient fluoride after brushing teeth every day. Then, there is no need to apply fluoride to their teeth. But dentists will apply fluorite to adult patients in case they are risky to tooth decay because they do not clean their teeth well, used to have front tooth filling or having high acidity of saliva, patients receiving treatment by radiation after having mount and throat cancer operation, which results in drying mouth because of low saliva and then causes tooth decay.

Q : How is pit and fissure sealant different from fluoride application?

A : Sealing is applying resin to pit or fissure of teeth which is hard to be cleaned by toothbrushes. Sealing is always done on milk molar and permanent molar tooth, which will be done tooth by tooth. Resin is clear, dark-white and tooth color. It will indurate covering tooth pit or fissure in order to build resistance to decay. But fluoride application is tooth polishing and cleaning which is like tooth scaling for adults. Dentist will put fluoride gel in children’s mouths and ask them to hold gel in their months for 1-4 minutes. High intensive fluoride will spread into tooth veneer in order to strengthen veneer on full mouth. This treatment should be done every six month.


Q : Does pit or fissure sealant have a chance to be off the tooth?

A : The chance of being off the tooth can have since 1 day to 10 year; it depends on cooperation of patients, tooth condition and dentists’ experience. But usually it lasts for more than 2 years. If it is off, sealant should be applied on teeth immediately. A dentist will inform patients when they have dental examination every six month.

Q : What should we do if our children are afraid of dental treatment?

A : Parents should not worry much about this matter. Young children often cry at first time of dental treatment. Dentists gradually get accustomed to children and the children gradually get familiar with dentists and get less fear. Places for dental treatment should be good atmosphere and be provided with toys to reduce children’s fear. Dentists should study and understand children’s behavior (child psychology).

Q : If children have decay of many teeth, will they get dentists to extract decay teeth for their first time?

A : Tooth extraction should not be done for the first time of dental treatment because children will have bad memory and feel afraid of the treatment. Dentists will explain to parents that behavior adjustment for children to have positive attitude toward dental treatment is very important and results in success in future cooperation for children so first impression is the best policy in treatment.