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Oral Surgery
Cosmetic Dentistry

......This technique aims to replace damaged natural teeth in order to chew food as usual, for aesthetics, to speak clearly (in case of losing tooth surface) and to prevent crooked teeth.

Type of Denture

Prostheses mean the restorations which replace the missing teeth.
Removable Prostheses
It is the denture which patients can remove to wash themselves and can be divided into the following items.

1. Temporary Plate. The base of gum is pink and the color of denture is like color of natural tooth and replacing the missing tooth. There will be wrought wire to help denture adhere to natural tooth.

2. Removable Partial Denture.It is like plastic removable denture but there is major connector among each part of denture in Titanium framework. This will result in the denture which is thinner, smaller and stronger than item 1.

Irremovable or Fixed Denture
It is the denture which patients cannot remove or place in by themselves, adheres to oral cavity by dental cementing technique and can be divided into the following items.

1. Crown. In case natural root still exists, but it cannot be restored by tooth filling because the tooth has been heavily damaged or tooth with treated root, especially molar tooth, usually has to be restored with crown in order to protect tooth or filling from damage because of highly chewing load.

2. Bridge. In case tooth has been extracted or missed in some position, but some natural teeth still exist. We will use nearby tooth to be abutment by grinding it smaller and then crowning them together in order to have nearby tooth adhering to denture instead of extracted tooth.

3. Pin. It will be placed in treated root in order to be abutment for crowning. In case pulp exists a little or area bearing high strength, if Pin is not placed in first, it may cause the crown to be off or break pulp. This may result in extraction of natural tooth. Requirement of Pin will be considered by dentist case by case.

Q : Which type of denture is the best?

A : To consider which type of denture is the best, it should depend on patients case by case. It should rely on the following items.

1. Location and number of existing natural teeth

2. Strength of existing natural teeth and periodontium

3. Patients’ health condition and congenital diseases

4. Patients’ requirement

5. Duration of treatment

6. Treatment budget

Q : Why is irremovable denture expensive?

A : As it takes more times to operate in clinic (Chair time) than the removable denture. Cost of materials are also high. The process of production is more complicated, need fineness and skillfulness in order to have high quality of work.