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............The new innovation to replace the missing teeth without losing natural nearby teeth by embedding Titanium implant into the alveolar bone before making restoration. Currently, dental implant has been developed to similarity of natural root and restored by Crown,Bridge or Removable Denture, which depends on;

Number of damaged teeth

Condition of left natural teeth

Expenditure in treatment

Patients’ health condition

Duration of treatment

Dental implant will adhere to jaw bone. In case of insufficient bone, dental implant may be done in association with bone graft.

Benefit of Dental Implant

1. To be abutments for removable denture and fixed prosthesis (Crown or Bridge) to replace damaged natural teeth.

2. To be abutments for Orthodontic Treatment or bracing in case of insufficient abutment for natural tooth or not in the position dentists expect for.

Adventages of Dental Implant

1. In case of fixed prosthesis (Crown or Bridge), it can be done without grinding nearby natural teeth, because dental implant will be embedded and replace in the position of missing teeth. Crowning on dental implant can be proceeded.

2. If one dental implant is made, one crown should be provided in order to replace one damaged natural tooth (one dental implant: one damaged natural tooth). This will make patients feel more natural than 3 fixed bridges on natural teeth, which is one technique of replacing one damaged natural tooth. As the conventional bridge has been done, even though it can imitate shape of natural tooth, grinding of nearby natural teeth have to be done to be abutment of it. That mean conventional bridge is a multiple continuos crown. One dental implant: one missing natural tooth will get separated crown.

3. In case patients with flatten edentulous ridge, conventional full denture couldn’t get enough retention, dental implant could be the retention of removable full denture. This technique is better than making removable denture on the whole mouth by using alveolar ridge for retention only.

4. It will make patients feel as if they have their own natural teeth back again. Chewing load will be distributed over dental implant and then transfered to the jaw bone as if a natural root exist.

Disadventages of Dental Implant

1. High expenditure when compared with other restorations.

2. Dental implanting needs an operation.

3. It takes more time than other denture techniques as after embedding the dental implant into the jaw bone, it will take time for the bone to adhere to the dental implant. This process usually takes about 4-6 months and then, placing denture on dental implant can be proceeded. At present, the process of placing denture on dental implant can be done immediately after embedding the dental implant.

4. Patients with specific congenital diseases cannot receive treatment of dental implants, please consult a doctor before proceeding.

5. In case front teeth have been extracted for long time, this will affect depression of the jawbone. Embedding dental implant and restoring with crown will not make teeth look beautiful as natural teeth because the crown will be longer than usual, except in case of the patients with smiling and their upper lip will not raise up high and can cover tooth neck. The patients can smile as usual.

Q : Why is a dental implant expensive?

A : Because materials for producing dental implants are made from many pieces. Each piece is very expensive. Furthermore, dental implant set is also expensive and has to be imported from aboard. Equipment has to be studied and researched for over ten years in order to make sure that it will be highly safe and efficient before using with human beings.

Q : What minimum age of patients can receive treatment of dental implant?

A : Men should be more than 17 years old.

Women should start from the first menstruation year plus five years e.g. a girl has first menstruation at the age of 13, she can receive treatment of dental implant at the age of 18 years (13 +5 =18)

Q : Does dental implant cause cancer?

A : No, because it is made of Titanium. This has been studied and researched for more than 60 years and certified by WHO and ADA (American Dental Association). That it is safe for the use in humans.

Q : Why do we have bone graft together with dental implant?

A : Bone graft will be done in case of insufficient bones in terms of length, width or both in order to be able to embed dental implant with sufficient length or size to bear chewing strength .This will result in perfect dental implant and will be highly successful or in case of pulling out teeth and embedding dental a implant immediately, which size of tooth socket may be larger than the size of the dental implant. I n this case bone graft should be done in the gap between tooth socket and dental implant. In case of sufficient bone existing, there is no need to have bone graft.